Creative Retirement Institute

Frequently Asked Questions 

Program Questions

Is there an age limit for CRI classes?

There is no age limit or minimum age - CRI classes are open to all ages! 

How is CRI funded?

CRI is self-supported by our students, volunteers, and donations.

What types of classes are offered through CRI?

CRI offers non-credit classes on a variety of topics, including history, nature, technology, current events, and more. Our classes are held in person, during the day on weekdays. Please see our brochure for our current course offerings.


When is registration?

Online registration is available at 6 a.m. on the posted registration date. For current registration dates, please see the How to Register page.

When will I receive my brochure?

If issued, CRI quarterly brochures will be mailed out and available online one week before registration. For current registration dates, please see the How to Register page.

What does it mean when I see a course description in the brochure but not online?

It may mean that the class was cancelled, there was a glitch in our registration system, or the class has already started or finished. Please refer to the online brochure on the right side of the screen for the most up-to-date information on current course offerings.

Can I register for my spouse and I at the same time?

Each student needs to be logged in the their account to register for the classes they wish to take.

Why don't I see the "Add to Cart" button?

You must first add the Quarterly  Registration fee to your cart in order to display and register for other quarterly class offerings. Please see our Online User Guide for step-by-step online registration instructions.

What if the class I want to register for is full?

If you want to register for a class that is already full, you can be added to the waitlist without being charged for the class.

If there is a cancellation, CRI will contact the next person on the waitlist to fill the opening. If you are on the waitlist for a class and have not been contacted, please do not show up for the class.

Cost and Payment

Why do I see ArtsNow/ULearn on my credit card statement?

 We are so happy you are checking your credit card statement! CRI charges will show up as "ArtsNow/ULearn" on your credit card statement.

Are there funding options available?

Absolutely! We have scholarships available for students who need financial assistance. Please contact the CRI office for more information.

I registered for a class but now I can't attend. Can I get a refund, or can someone else go in my place?

Edmonds College policy states that all students must be registered to attend class. Registration cannot be transferred to another individual.

Refund requests must be received at least two business days prior to the start of class, with a $10 drop fee for each refunded class. No refunds will be issued without proper notice.

Will I get a refund if the class is cancelled?

If a class or session is cancelled for any reason, you will receive a refund. 

Attending a Class

Where are CRI classes held?

CRI classes are held at a variety of locations in Lynnwood and Edmonds. Please see our complete list of class locations and directions here.

Online classes are offered via Zoom. Please check out our Zoom Resources page for more information.

What do I bring to class?

For every class, bring your smile, your sense of humor, an open mind, and a willingness to learn!

Where can I get my parking pass?

Parking passes are available at the front desk in the Maltby Building, or from the class assistant at the first class.

General Questions

How and where do I get my EdPass?

Please contact the CRI office at 425.640.1830 for detailed information on how to get your EdPass.

How do I recover my log in information?

Please refer to our Online User Guide for detailed instructions on how to recover your registration and account information.

I require accommodations. How do I acquire these?

All of our class locations are ADA compliant and wheelchair accessible. For specific accommodations, please contact the Services for Students with Disabilities office.

Where can I give feedback on the program, an instructor, or a class?

We welcome your feedback!  CRI is driven by our members, and your feedback helps ensure the program continues to evolve, while remaining a successful, enjoyable, and dynamic environment for lifelong learners. Please complete the evaluations given to students after our classes, or email your questions, comments, or suggestions to