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Lifelong Learning

Students completing a Pursuit class

Are you in pursuit?

Gain workplace readiness and work-based learning experiences

Do you have a documented disability and want to pursue your post-secondary goals? In this chapter filled with many unknowns, the Pursuit Lab is on a mission to bring college access and workplace readiness. We are a pre-employment transition service for students transitioning out of high school or looking for jobs/careers. We want you to join us!

In partnership with Washington’s Department of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR), Pursuit’s Workplace Readiness course seeks to help students to discover strengths, to prepare for jobs, and reach educational goals.

Program requirements:

  • Must be 16 or older and motivated to pursue more education, a job, and/or discovering their dependable strengths. 16-21 year old students are offered this opportunity for free.*
  • Must be able to communicate in verbal/written English and can function independently without constant support on campus (unless it is ASL interpreter).
  • Have (had) a documented disability could qualify for this support class (IEP, 504, or documented through SSD here on campus)!
  • Must be able to access an online class and be capable of independent management between 1-3 hours  transportation and are committed to attending class meeting times, Monday through Thursday, for one to three hours for an online class
  • Willing to be a part of a fun and supportive community of peers building independence through job and college exploration and progress.

*Limited space available for 22+ with a class fee

Fill out an application to reserve your spot!

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July 12-August 12 (Weekly Monday-Thursday: 4 days/week for 5 weeks)

C100: Morning section 10 a.m.-12 p.m.

This class is encouraged for New students and focused on discovering strength, Workplace readiness and Work Based Learning Experiences and preparation for jobs. (all students are welcome if the other class time doesn't work)

C200: Afternoon section 12:30-2:30 p.m.

This class is encouraged for New students and Returning students focused on applying strengths, self advocacy and more advanced job and career seeking opportunities.

Registration Steps

After you finish this pre-registration process, you will need to fill out the Pre-employment Transition Service Consent form which will take some time so please do this as soon as possible. Section 2 will need to be filled out and signed by a High School/Transition Program contact (anyone on the student's IEP team that has knowledge of his/her/their disability). If the student has graduated from high school and is NOT a part of a transition program, they can leave Section 2 blank and make a note in the email (to of their graduation date and school.

Pre-employment Transition Service Consent form needs to be fully filled out form emailed to We need section 2 fill out by a counselor or Special Education Teacher to verify your documentation of disability.

**NOTE: Electronic Signatures in the Print Name is acceptable as a signature. Please make sure the date on the entire form is dated for before the start date of the class. If you have questions please ask Diana George by reaching out to:

We will help you determine the correct paperwork and funding source. Please feel free to reach out to or 425.640.1684 with any questions about this.


Summer 2020 Project

This is a project completed by our Pursuit Lab class this summer 2020 while we were fully virtual.